All That You Can’t Leave Behind


The title was penned by one of the last century’s most prolific philosophers, Bono of U2. It made me think of how we use the word “baggage”; it doesn’t evoke images of elegant adventurism, but something more like a boat anchor we are bound to. The things we have to bring with us are either necessary, wanted, or are so intimately part of us we can’t leave them behind. The airlines have decreed that 50 pounds per bag shall be the limit of what we can carry, and in our lives there is only room for so many thoughts, desires, regrets, and dreams. My mom would say that three moves equals a house fire when it comes to losing things, and it is a good thing to occasionally prioritize all of the things we accumulate in our lives. When I arrive at my destination, what will I have spent so much effort dragging behind me?

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