In Search of Art

A desert mirage is a dance of distorted light and a willingly altered perspective; the shimmering waves in the distance look liquid, and believing it makes it so.  Finding art is like that; the critical mind only sees desert and desolation, but if you look for the fantastical oasis, it will be there.

This is a collection of random and spontaneous photos that represent the art that is always in the background, or otherwise hiding in plain sight. You can find it on your commute:


Or even as a backdrop for the escalator at the mall:


This one is hard to guess:


Obviously, it’s the multi-colored soap on the windshield at a car wash.

Sometimes the context is everything:


Some of the coolest moments are at home. With office supplies:


Mother’s Day is a good excuse to find art, just don’t go to Hallmark..


In fact, my favorite artists are all right at home. Not only are they talented, their work is affordable!


You might find something inspiring at school, with some local flavor:


Sometimes you have to get lost in the hills,


or take a moment at work to engage the other side of your brain.


This is a foreign world, but one very close to home. (40x Gram stain)

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