Sweet Desserts

There are a few ways to get a cake at work. The least popular is to have a birthday ending in zero. It is a participation ribbon for life; you’ve managed to avoid getting run over by a bus, have some cake. I’ve decided that i won’t be admitting to any more of those decade-defining milestones (4 is plenty), so my opportunities for free cake are diminishing. Today I was surrounded by my surrogate family and given the second kind of office cake- the going-away cake. After digesting all of the day’s events- literally and figuratively- I’m either entering a hyperglycemic coma or floating on a euphoric river of camaraderie and affection.

We spend more of our waking hours at our career than at anything else. I’ve been blessed to work with people who have added richness, warmth, and more than a little sweetness to every day. Here’s to making every day count, and enjoying those moments that come with icing on top.

2 thoughts on “Sweet Desserts”

  1. Well said, Dr. Stone! I will have to admit that our office does give a great “going away” cake party.. The best way to see people you don’t get to see on a daily basis.. that you KNOW work somwhere in the building!

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